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Need help with saved character files

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Need help with saved character files

Postby Diogones » Thu Dec 23, 2010 2:26 am

Greetings THE HELL Forum!

The Hell is an excellent mod, and I have to say I have spent many hours playing it. I recently completed the game once on easiest mode with a mage, and I was playing it back through on the second hardest difficulty at level 33 when I stopped playing for awhile. I was getting a new computer, and I was busy transferring over all my files. However, after I copied over my Diablo, Sierra Hellfire, and THE HELL files, I encountered a problem. The game would load just fine, but my character was only level 5 and back in the first round of dungeons. It was like an older saved version of my character. I've checked my old computer, and the level 33 mage is still there. For some reason, the file isn't transferring correctly, or is getting moved somewhere. Does anyone have any advice on this? I would be most appreciative, as I don't want to have to start all over at level 5 again if possible!
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Re: Need help with saved character files

Postby SenorPwnage » Thu Dec 23, 2010 10:38 pm

Try uninstalling everything, then reinstalling this way, and see if you get the same problem.

First, copy this code into notepad:
Code: Select all
@echo off

::Use this to change backup location
::For example: set Backup=C:\Games\Diablo\Example
set Backup=%CD%\NewComputer

Copying main files to new folder...
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "HellMSG.ini" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "PlugUlmo.dll" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "PlugUlmo.ini" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "smackw32.dll" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "standard.snp" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "StashTH.dll" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "Storm.dll" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "TH.dll" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "TH.exe" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "TheHell.exe" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "THdata.mor" "%Backup%"

Copying saves to new folder...
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "hellsp_*.hsv" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "hellmp_*.drv" "%Backup%"

Copying stash to new folder...
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "Hell_SP.HST" "%Backup%"
xcopy /c /d /h /i /r "Hell_MP.HST" "%Backup%"

echo Backup Complete!

Save as "The_Hell_Backup.bat" with Save As Type set to All Files. Put the file in your working The Hell directory, double click it, and it will copy all the essential files to a subfolder called "NewComputer".

Move that folder to your new computer, rename it whatever you want, and manually copy the file DIABDAT.MPQ from your Diablo disc into the folder (My Computer, right click CD drive, explore, etc).

Now you can run TheHell.exe to make sure your character is level 33. You'll need to eventually add the extras like the music (THmusic.mor), Gladiator/Assassin graphics (THglad.mor and THassa.mor), or the manuals (Diablo_TheHell_Readme), but everything else should work perfectly.

Well, there can be one small issue with toggling running in town, but that's an insignificant bug that can be easily fixed later.
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Re: Need help with saved character files

Postby Diogones » Thu Dec 30, 2010 10:25 am

Thank you for your prompt and helpful reply SenorPwnage! I tried what you suggested, and I have an issue. I copied your code into the notepad and saved it as The_Hell_Backup.bat just as you instructed. However, after I placed it into my The Hell folder and opened it, the command prompt window opened and asked whether the NewComputer specified a file name or directory name on the target; type F for file, D for Directory. I tried both, and I received the message that nothing was copied, as access was denied. Do I have to enter in an extra amount of code to allow the Bat file to work? I am working on a Windows Vista computer. I turned off UAC, so I don't think that is the problem.
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Re: Need help with saved character files

Postby Diogones » Fri Dec 31, 2010 1:23 am

Well here is the update: I deleted The Hell directory that was on my new hard drive, and reinstalled the latest version: 1.107 into my Hellfire directory, as you recommended. I noticed that the Hell Backup.bat was blocked in Vista. So I added the hard drive to my new computer, which runs Windows 7, and tried running it there. It worked, and I added the New Computer file to my TheHell directory, so that it already had the Diablo.MPQ. Unfortunately, it didn't seem to work, and I'm still stuck with my older version of the characters. Also, when I logged onto my old hard drive (the one with Vista) and restarted it to install Windows updates, the characters in that version had changed as well. I'm not sure why the level 33 mage is only present in the old hard drive before I install updates, but once I make any modification of any kind to the hard drive, the character files (.hsv) change. Fortunately, I think there might be a couple of ways to solve this:

1.) I restore the hard drive to an earlier time, when The Hell was running with my level 33 mage. Then, before anything happens to the hard drive, I restart and boot into my Win 7 hard drive, make the HellBackup.bat, and see if it works.

2.) I can use Windows 7's unique feature "Previous Versions" to find a prior version of the old hard drive Hell directory, and restore that. I already tried it, but I still got the level 5 mage file. Maybe there is someway I can use this feature to restore my mage file?

I know this is all getting rather complicated, but I just feel that there has to be some sort of solution, since I know there is still the level 33 mage version on that hard drive somewhere.
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