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Diablo Mouse Interface Enhancer

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Diablo Mouse Interface Enhancer

Postby vlad_tepesch » Wed May 02, 2012 10:19 pm

after playing D3 beta i decided to unbury Diablo from the deeper sectors of my hard drive and searched for a nice Hellfire mod.
So i came up to The Hell mod and was surprised that still a active community plays and maintains mods for such an old game.
(i was even more surprised if i realized that battlenet support of diablo 1 still works).

But now to topic.

A few years ago i wrote a tool to make playing diablo a bit less painful and less mouse stressing.
I also tried to make it to feel a bit more like D2.
Now i polished it a up a little bit and made it "presentable"

May be someone of you may find it usefull.

I know, there is the diabloclicker but it lacks some features i desired so i came up with writing my own.

here the feature list (excerpt from readme):
  - support for 5 button and wheel mouse
  - free configuring of actions to any mouse button
  - following actions are supported:
    - none         - disables button (but who wants?)
    - click left   - attack, walk
    - click right  - cast selected spell
    - next spell   - of the one that are assigned to keys
    - prev spell   - of the one that are assigned to keys
    - cast F5      - cast spell that is assigned to F5
    - cast F6      - cast spell that is assigned to F6
    - cast F7      - cast spell that is assigned to F7
    - cast F8      - cast spell that is assigned to F8
    - toggle map   - toggles the map on/off
  - semi auto fire (called autoclick) configurable for each button
    the action of the button is repeated with an individual 
    configurable interval as long as the button is pressed
  - shift state (attack without walk) is configurable for each button
  - saves and load configuration
  - auto detection of Diablo window (see later chapter Supported Games)
  - not active in the lower interface screen part of the game

DMIE.png (101.25 KiB) Viewed 1110 times

all you need to run it
(128.65 KiB) Downloaded 102 times

the (not very well documented) sources
If you want the graphics sources please leave a note. (file was too large with graphic sources)
(114.38 KiB) Downloaded 117 times
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Re: Diablo Mouse Interface Enhancer

Postby ctankep » Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:28 pm

Hey man, thanks ALOT! This made my way back to Diablo much more enjoyable. You sir are a hero!
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Re: Diablo Mouse Interface Enhancer

Postby Gishgork » Sun Jun 17, 2012 11:07 am

Nice work and clean code (no need to do further documentation).

For me it always did double clicks on the mouse down events (coming from handleDiabloHook). That made it really annoying when switching items or talking to NPCs. So I increased the delta time in which events are ignored (TIME_TO_DO_NOTHING) to 10ms. Now it works perfectly :-)

As far as I know the Diablo main loop runs at 20ms anyways, so it should be a safe change.
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Re: Diablo Mouse Interface Enhancer

Postby Billybgame » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:13 am

Using this, and loving it, but I'm seeing problems with items like relicts and in town, when selling, or IDing. Is this a known issue with the autoclicker? Or, is there some other program I should be using?
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Re: Diablo Mouse Interface Enhancer

Postby a394075257 » Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:46 pm

Why set up in the game without effect?patch 1.211
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